Sunday, 7 October 2012

Went shopping in ASDA

Went shopping in ASDA, mainly to get stationery and bits and pieces for my study area as am going back to Uni to do my Masters.  (I may regret this!) Anyway I couldn't resist picking up a few bits and pieces along the way for crafty stuff!

I got Halloween stickers for £1
Wee glitter spiders also £1
And some tissue paper reduced to 50p
And some multicoloured match sticks 50p

Not entirely sure what they will be used for yet but I am thinking of Halloween related things! 

I also picked up a few crafty/arty sets as presents which were only £1 each.  Always good to have a wee supply of presents I think.  Also good for rainy days if your imagination is lacking!
Tomorrow planning to make some black play dough and do some spidery/Halloweeny activities.  I love Halloween (As I have said a good few times!) and am itching to get started on activities!

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