Saturday, 6 October 2012

No knead bread

So my lovely friend Jen posted this on her blog and both myself and our other friend Jenny have tried this out with great success!  It is really easy and fun to do with children! (Although messy!)

Here is the link to Jens blog where she shared the recipe -

Ingredients are -

1lb strong white flour
1lb plain flour/wholemeal flour (you can use either depending on what you like)
1 tablespoon dried yeast (or 2 sachets)
1 tablespoon fine sea salt (use less if you are using table salt)
750ml hand-warm water

Depending on the age and ability of your kids they can help with weighing, pouring, measuring and mixing.  For older children you can discuss the way food is measured how many grams in kg etc.
Here are the rolls we made - they were a bit too crispy, the next time I didn't leave them in as long and we brushed the top with milk and they turned out brilliantly! Seen here with home made soup, a lovely autumn meal! -
Great thing about this dough is that you can keep it in the fridge for 14 days! And just pull some off as and when it is needed.  So we also made some pizza with it.  KIds love adding their own toppings to their pizzas.  Great opportunity for discussing colours, shapes and sizes of the toppings.  Also good to taste different toppings - frozen sweetcorn is a favourite with most children, personally I have no idea why!  Here are our delicious creations!


  1. Glad you liked it! I am on my 5th batch of dough now :)

  2. We will be making more this week!