Monday, 8 October 2012

Rainbow collage

One of my favourite bloggers, Anna, had this activity on her blog and I decided months ago to give it a try!  Here is the link to hers -

We used a huge cardboard box and painted the colours on -

While that was drying we sorted different crafty bits and bobs in to the correct piles.  Chatting about the colours, textures and shapes of the items.
Then we glued them on to the appropriate stripe -
This activity is good for - sorting objects in to the correct colour group.  Exploring different textures and using describing words for example "the feather is soft and the stars are smooth with jaggy points" 
Further ideas for this activity - We only added a few pieces on each colour, you could do much more! You could do the activity with a different picture - for example a flower, hot air balloon or letters to spell out the childs name, with each letter a different colour. 

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