Thursday, 25 October 2012

Our version of Paul Hollywoods plaited loaf!

We made this the other day using the recipe for no knead dough which I blogged about here now the bread we made probably would have tasted much better had I not forgotten the salt!  And perhaps I should use the larger bowl next time as I forgot how much it rises!


Seperated the bread in to 3 strands, joined together at top and then plaited them.  If you try this I reccomend doing it on baking paper as I then had to lift my bread on to the tray and it nearly fell apart!

Older children can try this themselves, for the little ones they can roll dough out in to sausage shapes/balls for rolls. And even making patterns in the flour is fun!
Plaited loaf and rolls....
Then we brushed them with some milk and popped them in the oven. 
So far they have been served with butter and jam, warmed spread with butter and served with chilli and used in packed lunch.
The rest of the dough has been used for pizza bases, and some left to use next week.  I always love the pride children have when they say "I made that!" and point to their dinner! I think it is good to encourage them not to be afraid to experiment.  Yes sometimes we (well I!) burn things, forget an ingredient or it just doesn't turn out great, but the process of making it is enjoyable and that is how we learn to make it better the next time.  For children to learn that everyone makes mistakes and how to deal with that is, in my opinion, a positive life lesson.

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