Thursday, 18 October 2012

Halloween party games

Witches cauldren search!
 This is a brilliantly disgusting game to play with children who love slime and mess!  Cold cooked spaghetti with food colouring, or tinned spaghetti in a large bowl to be the witches cauldren.  You can also do this with jelly!  You can also add rice crispies, lentils or anything else you fancy!  Pop some plastic spiders (or similar) in to the cauldren and mix them up.  The children have to use their hands to find all the spiders and rescue them!  Just make sure you have a bowl of water and a towel handy!
Pin the nose on the cat!
We painted a large black cat a few days before the party and pinned this on to the wall.  The children were blindfolded and had to try to bluetac the nose (green triangle stuck beside the cat) on to the correct place.  You can mark childrens guesses by writting their initials in pencil.  The winner is the child who managed to get their nose closest to the correct place.  You can see in this photo we had also done some other Halloween posters and crafts, including spiders webs!
Dooking for apples
Also known as ducking/bobbing for apples.  You need a large basin of water with apples floating inside.  Children use their mouth to bite and pull an apple from the water.  You can also do this activity by kneeling up on a chair and dropping a fork in to the bowl, if the fork stabs the apple then you get to keep the apple.  Lots of towels on the floor around bowl is always a good idea!
Mummy game (or "toilet roll game!")
All you need for this game is some cheap toilet roll!  The aim of the game is to wrap your partner up like a mummy.  The winning team is the first to have their mummy completely covered.  This game usually causes much hillarity!  When you have finished you can encourage the children to race to collect all the toilet roll up and place in a bag!
More games to follow!

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