Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Toddler group Halloween craft 2

As I have mentioned before, I run a toddler group with my friend and the activity I did for this week was painting witches hats!  I had planned on using black paper but unfortunately there was none left in our store cupboard!  So settled for white card instead.  I cut out the hat shapes and prepared all the paints.  We have aprons for all the children and I warned all the parents first that we were going to paint - so they could keep their children away from the paint table if they didn't want them to do it.

I suggested to the children that they might want to make the hats bright and colourful to help the witch make some really wonderful magic!  We started off using paint brushes but there was also lots of finger/hand painting too!

We talked about what happend to the colours when they were mixed together!  And discussed the different patterns the children were making - lines, dots, stripes, circles etc.
Always a good idea to have a bowl of soapy water and towel nearby too - ofcourse playing in the water and watching it change colour when painty hands are in it is almost as much fun as painting!
This activity is good for - exploring colours and mixing colours. Creating lines, patterns and shapes. Controlling a paint brush.   
Further ideas for this activity - Use black paper.  attach a piece of card round the back of the hat with staples so as the hat fits on the head. 


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