Sunday, 7 October 2012

Toddler group Halloween craft

I help to run a toddler group with my friend.  I always like to do a craft or activity with the children.  Last weeks was a rush job as I was also on snack duty and had to count the money etc so not much time for planning and prep.  However the point of this is to show that you don't need lots of time/planning to do a quick craft with toddlers. 

I cut out some orange circles.  And some different shaped eyes, noses and mouths.  We did have some discussion but if  you were doing this one on one there would be more opportunity to discuss shapes and sizes.  Also a good opportunity to use positioning words eg "The nose is underneath the eyes" or "the mouth is in the middle"

Here are the pumpkins, glue and bits to stick on all ready for the toddlers to try out!
We also gave them some colouring pens and glitterglues to let them decorate their pumpkins.  We had some weird and wonderful creations, with 4 eyes, 6 noses and a sideways mouth.  But I am all for creativity - rows upon rows of identical pumpkins would be boring!
Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of some of the finished products, as I said toddlers was very busy! Will try to remember for next time!

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