Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas tree hanging decoration

This was one we did at toddler group and is very simple.

Cut card (if you have no card then you can use cereal boxes) in to the shape of a Christmas tree.

Use a hole punch to make a hole and thread with wool.

Then decorate the tree with pens/paint and sparkles!

Christmas tree

I have made a large Christmas tree for us to decorate.   We are going to gradually add decorations to it ever the next week.   

I used green paper and cut out the shape for the tree, sticking it on to white paper from a large roll.  You could paint a tree instead. 

I added a pot and some writing.

So far we have made bobbles using glitter glue pens.

More to follow....!

Toilet roll snowman

We made him by covering a toilet roll tube in cotton wool, using PVA glue.  We used left over material scraps to make the hat, buttons and nose - you could also use paper.  A pipecleaner was used for the scarf and googly eyes!