Sunday, 16 November 2014

Children in Need

Here are some Pudsey/Blush biscuits we made using the kit from Lakeland! 

This is another cake we had and some cakes bought from Aulds with donations going to Children in Need

We made standing up Pudsey and Blush pictures by drawing and outline on cardboard and colouring it in.  We then cut a slit in the bottom and placed another piece of cardboard in to make it stand up. 

Here is the link to the site if you want to donate -

Play dough and coloured match sticks

Halloween biscuits!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Magic Halloween slime

For magic slime you need - shaving foam, paint and glitter.

Mix up the foam and paint using a spoon, then sprinkle glitter on top.  I put it in a disposable baking tray - this helps to contain the mess and also is a nice reflective surface.

I added in a few toys from the play dough box but toys are not necessary.  Some snakes/spider/insect toys might be another good idea!

We played with it squishing it between fingers, making patterns on the table, hiding toys in the slime and exploring all the shapes we could make.

When finished I put the tray and toys in the sink and rinsed.  The table cloth and apron went in a cold rinse wash in the machine and came out sparkling clean.  This is not suitable for very young children who will put the foam near their eyes or in their mouth.  Also remember shaving foam may sting cuts.

Pumpkin decoration

Decorating pumpkins in a way that is easy for toddlers.

We got these adorable munchkin pumpkins from Sainsburys

A large baking tray and apron helped to contain the mess!

We used paint, paintbrush and glitter.  

Lots of fun and mess!  A very pretty pumpkin that lasts longer than traditional carved ones and won't go mouldy so fast!

Tissue paper pumpkin

Very easy one - drew a basic pumpkin shape and we ripped up tissue paper and stuck it down.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Wolf leaf craft

Nearly Autumn again - my favourite time of year for crafts! Today we went out for a walk to collect some leaves, we chatted about leaves falling off the trees and sang the leaves song. 

"Autumn leaves are falling down 
falling down, falling down, 
 Autumn leaves are falling down on the ground!"
To the tune of London Bridge. 

I got sent the idea for this cute craft by my friend, she saw it on!

We stuck the leaf on a piece of paper and decorated with paper and googly eyes to make this wolf/fox.  Very easy and I think they look great!