Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hedgehog cakes

You might be forgiven for thinking that these are Easter crispy cakes...oh no they are most definitely hedgehog cakes!  (Yes I can make any activity themed to the season!  That's 4 years of teacher training for you...!)

You will need -

  • cornflakes
  • raisins
  • something for the eyes - we used silver balls
  • melted chocolate
Mix melted choc and cornflakes.

Spoon some mixture on to baking paper in a hedgehoggy type shape! Add a raisin for the nose and silver balls for the eyes. 

Mary Berry had better watch out! 

They were fun to make (and eat!) and small child made a whole family of hedgehogs and named them all.  She was delighted with them! 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Autumn leaves

Summer is behind us now, but the autumn time does mean there are lots of lovely craft opportunities.  

A nice walk in the park to collect some leaves, talking about the shape and colours of them. 

Once at home we selected some favourites and glued them on to paper to make a leafy collage. 

Toddler group craft - making crowns

At our toddler group we have started a new half hour activity for the 3-5 year olds.  For our first we I decided we should make some crowns, this was a spur of the moment activity and very easy! 

Things we used - 

  • Coloured card
  • White card
  • glittery paints
  • paint brushes
  • glittery stickers
  • gems that stick when you peel the paper off the back
  • Shape for the front of the crown - we did love hearts but the possibilities are endless.
  • A4 card cut in to 4 strips, 2 strips used per crown.
  • cellotape/stapler 

Once the love hearts were decorated with paint and sparkles we made a band for round the head using strips of card.  The love heard was then attached to the band.

One of our group decided to do a superman one instead! 

Other ideas could be flowers, Christmas trees, pumpkins...!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Play group craft this morning was...Giraffes!

Some rather robotic giraffes here.  The one on the left is munching the leaves from the tree!