Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Snow sensory play!

What you need - shaving foam (white shaving foam, blue shaving gel won't really work!), a tray of some sort - I used a paint roller tray, a block of ice frozen over night in a tub, some little people/animals to play with and anything else to make a set for them, eg a house/trees/cars.

 Then cover the whole tray in foam, including the toy houses/cars/trees.grass etc.  Pop the ice out the tub - this becomes the ice rink for the characters to skate on.

This activity is lots of fun, and very messy!

Can talk about the properties of ice "slippy, hard, cold, melts" etc.   The shaving foam is good for making patterns/writting letters in with fingers.  Lots of fun can be had hiding the toys under the foam and trying to seek them out again!


More Christmas tree decorations

Following on from previous blog about these, here are some more we have made!
Silver and gold paint from Sainsburys.   Painted the stars silver.
Then when dry stuck some small silver stars on.

Candy canes.  Painted with glitter sprinkled on while paint still wet.
Painted gold, and gold glitter sprinkled around the middle.

Multicoloured bauble and glitter spinkled on.

Tip for doing the round baubles - put them in a cup while trying to paint so as they don't roll away and you don't smudge the other side with your fingers!
The first lot we hung up to dry - but the weight of the wet paint made the hook fall off so now I balance them on a cup to dry.