Saturday, 6 October 2012

Halloween mobile

This is one from last year.  Very easy to do and makes a lovely decoration for your Halloween parties!

Draw round some plates to cut out shapes.  And depending of age/stage of children they can draw their own faces on, or you can draw them and they can colour them in.
Good opportunity to discuss shapes, trianges for eyes, square nose, zigzag mouth etc.
Holes made with a hole punch and then tied together with gold ribbon.
This is a variation on the pumpkin one - has witches, ghosts and pumpkins! This was done with slightly older children who drew their own shapes and love to colour in.  For younger children you could draw the outlines for them and they could use paint/crayons. 
The ghost you can see on the top left was done by sticking cotton wool on to paper and cutting round it - this makes a lovely sticky mess on the hands!


  1. Cute! Love the ghosts - my kids love to make things with cotton balls!

  2. Thanks! Yes, children love the touch and pull apart cotton wool don't they!