Friday, 13 December 2013

Stripy camels and Kings from Usbourne Art book

We tried an idea from "the usborne book of christmas art ideas" which was bought for me.  A lot of the ideas are more suitable for older children and involve collages and complicated assembling crafts.  

We decided to do "Stripy camels and Kings" mainly because the original painting could be done by any age and then cut in to the correct shape. 

Our craft was roughly based on the book but was slightly adapted to the materials we had and the age range.  We had lots of fun with the paints making stripes!  The splodgy one was done by a 8 month old baby who also enjoyed chewing the brush and painting his face! 

When they were dry I drew camel and king shapes on the back and cut them out.

We then drew, coloured and cut out all the extra parts for the King - like face, hands and presents. 

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