Monday, 9 December 2013


This was an idea from the wonderful "The Imagination Tree" - Anna calls it snow dough.  While play dough/shaving foam etc are good for pretend snow this is the closest thing I have every felt to snow that is not the real thing!   That crunch snow has when you squash it in your hand - this has it!

The recipe is 1/4 cup oil to 2 cups corn flour.  And some glitter! We mixed the ingredients together in a bowl.  We used baby oil which made it silky soft and smell delicious, you can use cooking oil too.

I used my fantastic lakeland tray - it is amazing, will find a link and post it up!   This kept all the snow contained and a mat under.  The floor got slippy when even a tiny but of the pily snow got dropped so the mat was a MUST!

Now I have to confess I brought a tube of animals with me - I had planned on it being my farm animals and I thought a snowy farm might be fun - see how the animals coped with the cold...I accidently brought my jungle animals!

Here you can see some jungle animals...hiding in the snow! 

The snow was a big hit, great fun for scooping, writing letters in, hiding things under and moulding.

Here is a snow ball we made - 

AND that afternoon if snowed for real in Glasgow - perhaps it was magic snow dough!  Thanks to Anna at The Imagination Tree for the idea :)

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