Monday, 4 November 2013

Conker crafts!

So today we finally got round to using all the conkers we collected a few weeks ago! We went back this morning to the park to look for anymore and they were all gone so we obviously just got the right time before.

Schools were off here today so these activities were done with a 6yr old.

The idea for making the animals with conkers came from RedTed Art, will link at bottom of page! So thanks for that!

You will need -

  • conkers
  • a thick needle/tool to make holes in conkers
  • glue
  • pipe cleaners of varying colours (chopped up)
  • googly eyes
  • mini pompoms/random crafty bits
  • some thread


We used an upholstery needle to make the holes in the conkers, this was quite tricky!

I had already cut the pipecleaners in to various lengths so 6yr old picked what colours she wanted her spider to be and popped them in the holes.  You can secure them with glue but we found they stayed in ok without.

We opted for pompom eyes!


Poor horsey didn't turn out quite so well! We forgot to keep the acorns we had, we thought the head would have been better with one of them!  

He did stand up which was a relief! His blue mane and tail make him look rather like a children's TV character and his pompom eyes....!


This snake might be my favourite thing we made! Threaded the conkers together with thick thread.  The body was decorated with tissue paper, pompoms and using chalk on the conkers to make patterns!
He was named "Slithers!"


The number on these conkers were written in chalk, and were easier to see in real life than in photos! 

We filled in these spaces to make sums. 

And separated them in to odd and even numbers

4yr old came home from nursery and asked to count with them too - so she lined them up counting and separating them by colour of chalk on them.  

Link to RedTed Art - thanks for the conker animals idea!

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