Friday, 9 November 2012

Witches potion - messy play!

This is a good Halloween messy play activity! We made a cauldren in the garden from plant pots - if you have an old pot or a real cauldren then that would be even better! 
The "ingredients" I provided were all different textures/smells/colours.  We had - paprika, purple glitter, cinnamon, pink paint, mustard seeds, rice and a few other spices!
We poured some water in to the "cauldren" and I let her add the ingredients one at a time! We discussed what they smelled, looked and felt like.  Also what affect the ingredients had on the potion in terms of colour/smell.
There was much fun had with this activity! Sang the witches of Halloween song, talked about what the potion would do!  "Turn you in to a frog" was the decision!
We added grass, leaves and flowers too, just to make it extra specially magic!

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