Sunday, 25 November 2012

marble effect tree baubles

For this activity we purchased our baubles from "little crafty bugs" (link at bottom of page) but there are many different sites that you can buy similar from.  And if you were feeling very adventurous you could make your own using paper mache!

First we filled a tray with stripes of paint, any colours you like.

Then drop the baubles in to the paint.

Tilt the tray slowly from side to side to help the baubles get covered in paint.
We had lots of fun watching them roll around and predicting which bauble would reach the other side first!


 They are finished when they look something like this -


You can then sprinkle them with some glitter.
And hang them up to dry by their strings with clothes pegs!  Remember to pop something under to catch the drips!

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  1. ooh I wish I'd seen this before Christmas, these look amazing! I might have to do some just for fun.