Monday, 14 July 2014

Pop up thank you card for a teacher!

It's that time of year when you need to think about teachers gifts.  As someone who has done teaching let me tell you that a home made card, made with time and love is extra special.  I still have cards from 10 years ago!

So first you need a piece of card, fold it in half and decorate the front anyway you like. 

For the inside you need a piece of card folded in half twice, this will be the plant pot.  Stick it inside the card with glue.  The card should fold flat if placed correctly. 


Then you need to make about 6 flowers to go in the plant pot.  You can use coloured card or plain card and colour them in with pens. Make sure they are not too long or they will stick up above the top of the card.

Stick these inside your plant pot, some at the front and some at the back.

 Then you have your pop up card! You are now free to add any extra decorations or writing you might want!

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