Sunday, 26 January 2014

Toddler group activity - cornflour in a tray...

This is a very simple but very messy activity!  The key to not having too much mess is planning.  A tray like this is so much easier than just a flat surface.  Also I put a mat underneath it.  The children wore aprons although in many of the cases they still got very floury! 

This was one pack of cornflour poured in to my good old Lakeland tray!  Cornflour feels lovely and soft on the hands. 

The children really enjoyed exploring and making patterns in the flour.

Some wrote letters/shapes/names.

The babies loved it too! 

Initially i didn't put anything else in the tray, the children later introduced some utensils themselves.

One baby decided he needed a closer look and crawled into the tray! 

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