Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Fairy dust idea from "The imagination tree" blog

Saw this fab idea on The imagination tree blog and decided to give it a go! http://theimaginationtree.com/2013/06/sensory-writing-in-fairy-dust-literacy-activity.html#comment-28811

First we mixed salt with some paint and shook it up. 

Then added a big tub of hundreds and thousands!

Next time we will be adding some sparkles too..  We used a reusable foil tray from the supermarket.  The imagination Tree suggests any tray lined with tinfoil.  The shine underneath works well when the children draw in it.  

We used various kitchen implements to draw patterns and pictures.  Masher, plastic knife and using a jar to make circles were all popular! 

The tray ended up on the ground and we made footprints in it! (Just make sure no cuts on feet or the salt will sting!)

We also made mini "sand" castles and decorated them with flowers. 

The mixture is being kept in a Tupperware tub and next time the children want to make it in to "fairy land" the way we did with the snow - 

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